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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  2. Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)
    Doc Alliance Selection Award

    Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

  3. No Home Movie
  4. Right Now, Wrong Then
  5. Kaili Blues
  6. Cosmos
    Best Director


  7. Impression of a War
    Silver Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow (International Competition)

    Impression of a War

  8. 88:88
  9. The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers
  10. Summertime
    Variety Piazza Grande Award


  11. Happy Hour
    Special Mention: Best Actress

    Happy Hour

  12. Night Without Distance
  13. Entertainment
    Junior Jury Award - Environment Is Quality of Life Prize


  14. Academy of the Muses
  15. James White
  16. Southpaw
  17. Trainwreck
  18. Chevalier
  19. On Football
  20. Lost and Beautiful
  21. Siembra
    Best Director (Swiss Critics Boccalino Award)


  22. Tikkun
  23. The Movement
  24. Dead Slow Ahead
    Special Jury Prize - Filmmakers of the Present

    Dead Slow Ahead

  25. Olmo and the Seagull
    Filmmakers of the Present Competition (Junior Jury Award)

    Olmo and the Seagull

  26. Thithi
  27. The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal
  28. I Promise You Anarchy
  29. Topophilia
  30. Kid
  31. Winter Song
  32. The Mirror
  33. My Internship in Canada
  34. Sand Storm
    First Look Rotor Film Award

    Sand Storm

  35. Lampedusa in Winter
  36. Call Me Marianna
    Zonta Club Locarno Award

    Call Me Marianna

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