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Magritte Awards

  1. Rust and Bone

    Rust and Bone

  2. The Angels' Share

    The Angels' Share

  3. Mobile Home
  4. Our Children

    Our Children

  5. The Big Night

    The Big Night

  6. Camille Rewinds
    Best Supporting Actress

    Camille Rewinds

  7. Approved for Adoption

    Approved for Adoption

  8. My Way

    My Way

  9. Dead Man Talking

    Dead Man Talking

  10. Little Black Spiders

    Little Black Spiders

  11. The Chebeya Affair: A State Crime?

    The Chebeya Affair: A State Crime?

  12. Time of My Life

    Time of My Life

  13. The Lobster's Cry
    Best Short Film

    The Lobster's Cry

  14. Headfirst
    Most Promising Actor


  15. 38 Witnesses

    38 Witnesses

  16. Almayer's Folly

    Almayer's Folly

  17. The Invader

    The Invader

  18. When Pigs Have Wings

    When Pigs Have Wings

  19. The Minister

    The Minister

  20. All Our Desires

    All Our Desires

  21. Last Winter

    Last Winter

  22. Madonna's Pig

    Madonna's Pig

  23. Les tribulations d'une caissière

    Les tribulations d'une caissière

  24. Miles from Anywhere

    Miles from Anywhere

  25. Miss Fly

    Miss Fly