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Mar del Plata International Film Festival

  1. The Desert Within

    The Desert Within

  2. This Night

    This Night

  3. Soi Cowboy

    Soi Cowboy

  4. Twisted Romance

    Twisted Romance

  5. I Hate You Little Girls

    I Hate You Little Girls

  6. Pa-ra-da
  7. A Simple Heart
  8. The Stranger in Me

    The Stranger in Me

  9. Blood of May

    Blood of May

  10. Walpurgis


  11. Life For Sale

    Life For Sale

  12. Retiro Shelter

    Retiro Shelter

  13. A.Effect


  14. Bab Sebta

    Bab Sebta

  15. Block B

    Block B

  16. Alicia in the Land

    Alicia in the Land

  17. The Artist

    The Artist

  18. The Path
    Roberto Tato Miller Award

    The Path

  19. Salamandra


  20. Inside


  21. Breath


  22. Quiet City

    Quiet City

  23. Frownland


  24. Katyń


  25. A Very British Gangster

    A Very British Gangster

  26. Team Picture

    Team Picture

  27. Friend's Place, Enemy's Place

    Friend's Place, Enemy's Place

  28. Camilo: The Long Road to Disobedience

    Camilo: The Long Road to Disobedience

  29. Dance Party, USA

    Dance Party, USA

  30. By the Kiss

    By the Kiss

  31. The Red Card

    The Red Card

  32. Desi


  33. The Waiting

    The Waiting

  34. Trevico-Turin: Voyage in Fiatnam

    Trevico-Turin: Voyage in Fiatnam

  35. The Courage of the People

    The Courage of the People

  36. Léon Morin, Priest

    Léon Morin, Priest