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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. L'ennui
  2. The Interview
  3. Hinterland
    Special Mention: Montréal First Film Prize


  4. The Lighthouse
  5. Panther
  6. Twice Upon a Yesterday (If Only...)
  7. In the Mirror of the Sky
    Second Prize (Short Films)

    In the Mirror of the Sky

  8. The May Lady
    Special Mention: FIPRESCI Prize

    The May Lady

  9. A Stranger in Strasbourg
  10. The Eleventh Child
  11. Beware of My Love
  12. Nô
  13. The Quarry
  14. 2 Seconds
  15. Begging for Love
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Begging for Love

  16. Southie
  17. Full Moon
    Grand Prix des Amériques

    Full Moon

  18. Life Is Beautiful
    People's Choice Award

    Life Is Beautiful