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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. El Polaquito
    Best Actress

    El Polaquito

  2. Alexandra's Project
    Best Film from Oceania

    Alexandra's Project

  3. The Professional

    The Professional

  4. This Very Moment

    This Very Moment

  5. Distant Lights

    Distant Lights

  6. Granny


  7. Gaz Bar Blues
  8. The Encounter

    The Encounter

  9. A Certain Kind of Death

    A Certain Kind of Death

  10. Le intermittenze del cuore
    Innovation Award

    Le intermittenze del cuore

  11. August Sun

    August Sun

  12. Kopps
    Best Film from Europe


  13. Die, Mommie, Die!
    Best Film from the United States

    Die, Mommie, Die!

  14. A Place Among the Living

    A Place Among the Living

  15. In the Forest... Again

    In the Forest... Again

  16. The Sun Assassinated
    Best Film from Africa

    The Sun Assassinated

  17. Little Girl Blue

    Little Girl Blue

  18. Sus demonios

    Sus demonios

  19. Dreams of Dust

    Dreams of Dust

  20. Life Is Life

    Life Is Life

  21. The Delicate Art of Parking
    Best Film from Canada

    The Delicate Art of Parking

  22. Like Asura

    Like Asura

  23. Cleopatra
    Glauber Rocha Award


  24. Un fils

    Un fils

  25. Vertigo of the Blank Page

    Vertigo of the Blank Page

  26. Entre Amigos
  27. Special Mention

    Moving Malcolm

  28. Finding Home
    Excellence in Producing Award

    Finding Home

  29. Special Mention


  30. The Gun: From 6 to 7:30 pm

  31. Jericho Mansions

    Jericho Mansions

  32. The Soul's Place
    Best Actor

    The Soul's Place

  33. Anger of the Gods

    Anger of the Gods

  34. Moonlight


  35. Room to Let

    Room to Let

  36. El kotbia
    Best Film from Africa

    El kotbia

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