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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Spinning Into Butter

    Spinning Into Butter

  2. Samira's Garden

    Samira's Garden

  3. Go Go Tales

    Go Go Tales

  4. Ben X
  5. Toyland


  6. Bliss


  7. Where Are Their Stories?

    Where Are Their Stories?

  8. A Secret
    Grand Prix des Amériques

    A Secret

  9. Used Parts
    Glauber Rocha Award

    Used Parts

  10. Bad Habits
    Silver Zenith

    Bad Habits

  11. Black Belt

    Black Belt

  12. Noodle
    Special Grand Prize of the Jury


  13. The Other Side
    Best Actor

    The Other Side

  14. The Gray Man

    The Gray Man

  15. Surviving My Mother
    Most Popular Canadian Feature Film

    Surviving My Mother

  16. All the Days Before Tomorrow

    All the Days Before Tomorrow

  17. A Father's Music
    Best Documentary

    A Father's Music

  18. Pusinky


  19. Man of Glass

    Man of Glass

  20. September Dawn

    September Dawn

  21. Theresa: The Body of Christ
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Theresa: The Body of Christ

  22. Finn's Girl

    Finn's Girl

  23. Tartina City
    Innovation Award

    Tartina City

  24. Fata Morgana

    Fata Morgana

  25. That Day
    Best Director

    That Day

  26. The Mudboy

    The Mudboy

  27. You


  28. El Cobrador: In God We Trust

    El Cobrador: In God We Trust

  29. Teeth of Love

    Teeth of Love

  30. The Wooden Box
    Golden Zenith

    The Wooden Box

  31. The Fall of Night