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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Departures
    Grand Prix des Amériques


  2. The Heart of Amos Klein
  3. Don't Look Down
    Glauber Rocha Award

    Don't Look Down

  4. The Necessities of Life
  5. The Necktie
  6. Paris 36
  7. Drux Flux
  8. Summer Book
    Bronze Zenith

    Summer Book

  9. The Gift of Pachamama
  10. For a Moment, Freedom
    Golden Zenith

    For a Moment, Freedom

  11. Rain
  12. Four Chapters
  13. The Red Spot
  14. Nobody to Watch Over Me
    Best Screenplay

    Nobody to Watch Over Me

  15. Children of the Pyre
    Best Documentary

    Children of the Pyre

  16. Wolf
  17. Nowhere Man
  18. The Tour
  19. Todos estamos invitados
  20. The Baby Formula
  21. Teo's Journey
  22. Be Calm and Count to Seven
  23. The Inmate
  24. Brother, Brother