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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. The Outsiders

    The Outsiders

  2. The Street Player

    The Street Player

  3. Without Witness
    FIPRESCI Prize (Non-Competition)

    Without Witness

  4. Zappa


  5. Nelisita


  6. Shadow of the Earth

    Shadow of the Earth

  7. The Compass Rose

    The Compass Rose

  8. The Tin Flute

    The Tin Flute

  9. Sergeant Getulio

    Sergeant Getulio

  10. Clash of Loyalties

    Clash of Loyalties

  11. Amok
    Golden Prize


  12. Frances
    Best Actress


  13. Vassa
    Golden Prize


  14. Les misérables
    Special Prize

    Les misérables

  15. Alsino and the Condor
    Golden Prize

    Alsino and the Condor

  16. Demons in the Garden
  17. The Smell of Quinces

    The Smell of Quinces

  18. She Kept Asking for the Moon
    Silver Prize

    She Kept Asking for the Moon

  19. Doktor Faustus
    Silver Prize

    Doktor Faustus

  20. I Know You Know I Know
    Special Prize

    I Know You Know I Know

  21. Matlosa