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National Society of Film Critics Awards

  1. Raging Bull
  2. The Elephant Man
    2nd Place: Best Cinematography

    The Elephant Man

  3. My Uncle from America
    3rd Place: Best Screenplay

    My Uncle from America

  4. Ordinary People
  5. Every Man for Himself

    Every Man for Himself

  6. Coal Miner's Daughter
    Best Actress

    Coal Miner's Daughter

  7. Melvin and Howard

    Melvin and Howard

  8. The Stunt Man
    Best Actor

    The Stunt Man

  9. Return of the Secaucus Seven
    2nd Place: Best Screenplay

    Return of the Secaucus Seven

  10. Urban Cowboy
    2nd Place: Best Supporting Actress

    Urban Cowboy

  11. Private Benjamin
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    Private Benjamin

  12. Tess
    3rd Place: Best Cinematography


  13. The Great Santini
    3rd Place: Best Actor

    The Great Santini