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National Society of Film Critics Awards

  1. Pixote, The Law of the Weakest

    Pixote, The Law of the Weakest

  2. Reds
  3. Prince of the City
  4. Mommie Dearest
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    Mommie Dearest

  5. Cutter's Way
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Actress

    Cutter's Way

  6. On Golden Pond
    3rd Place: Best Actor

    On Golden Pond

  7. Pennies from Heaven

    Pennies from Heaven

  8. S.O.B.
    Best Supporting Actor


  9. All Night Long
    2nd Place: Best Actor

    All Night Long

  10. Atlantic City

    Atlantic City

  11. Stevie
    2nd Place: Best Supporting Actress