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National Society of Film Critics Awards

  1. Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet

  2. The Sacrifice
    2nd Place: Best Director

    The Sacrifice

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  3. Down by Law
    2nd Place: Best Cinematography

    Down by Law

  4. The Fly
    2nd Place: Best Actor

    The Fly

  5. Something Wild
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Actor

    Something Wild

  6. Mona Lisa
    Best Actor

    Mona Lisa

  7. Salvador
    3rd Place: Best Director


  8. Peggy Sue Got Married
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    Peggy Sue Got Married

  9. Down and Out in Beverly Hills
    3rd Place: Best Cinematography

    Down and Out in Beverly Hills

  10. Partisans of Vilna

    Partisans of Vilna

  11. Vagabond
    2nd Place: Best Actress


  12. A Room with a View
    2nd Place: Best Supporting Actor

    A Room with a View

  13. Sherman's March
    2nd Place: Best Documentary

    Sherman's March

  14. My Beautiful Laundrette

    My Beautiful Laundrette

  15. Marlene
    Best Documentary