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New York Film Critics Circle Awards

  1. The Godfather: Part II
  2. A Woman Under the Influence
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    A Woman Under the Influence

  3. Young Frankenstein
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Actress

    Young Frankenstein

  4. Lenny
  5. Stavisky...
    Best Supporting Actor


  6. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
  7. Mean Streets
    Best Supporting Actor

    Mean Streets

  8. Serpico
    2nd Place: Best Actor


  9. Scenes from a Marriage (Television Version)
  10. The Last Detail
    Best Actor

    The Last Detail

  11. Love and Anarchy
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    Love and Anarchy

  12. The Paper Chase
    2nd Place: Best Supporting Actor

    The Paper Chase

  13. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
  14. A Touch of Class
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    A Touch of Class

  15. State of Siege