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Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

  1. Crab Day

    Crab Day

  2. Bene’s Horizon

    Bene’s Horizon

  3. I'd Rather Eat a Child

    I'd Rather Eat a Child

  4. Alphonse Gets Lost

    Alphonse Gets Lost

  5. Last Birds

    Last Birds

  6. P.E (Physical Embarrassment)

    P.E (Physical Embarrassment)

  7. Vill mark

    Vill mark

  8. Moon Over Da Nang

    Moon Over Da Nang

  9. Mishka
    Special Mention: NRW Jury


  10. Some Problems

    Some Problems

  11. I Love Anna

    I Love Anna

  12. Island Sightings

    Island Sightings

  13. Panda III

    Panda III

  14. Pretty Boyz Don’t Die
    ZONTA Prize

    Pretty Boyz Don’t Die

  15. Black Wave

    Black Wave

  16. Me Montage

    Me Montage

  17. Water marks

    Water marks

  18. The Sled

    The Sled

  19. The Goats

    The Goats

  20. A Well Spent Afternoon
    Promotional Award of the Children's Jury

    A Well Spent Afternoon

  21. Through the Trees Over the River Up the Mountain In Between the Rocks

    Through the Trees Over the River Up the Mountain In Between the Rocks

  22. Rest in Peace

    Rest in Peace

  23. The Crown Against Mafavuke

    The Crown Against Mafavuke

  24. The Little Match Girl

    The Little Match Girl

  25. Pezcal


  26. Texture of Oblivion

    Texture of Oblivion

  27. Borderhole
    Special Mention: International Jury


  28. Seeds I

    Seeds I

  29. Let there be night

    Let there be night

  30. Hallo Papa

    Hallo Papa

  31. Asphalt


  32. Tropikos


  33. Dame 2

    Dame 2

  34. DreamScope


  35. Toys


  36. Scent of Geranium
    Special Mention: Jury of the Youth Film Competition

    Scent of Geranium