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Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

  1. The Hymns of Muscovy

    The Hymns of Muscovy

  2. Rammat Gammat
  3. Creature Companion
    Special Mention: International Jury

    Creature Companion

  4. Caterpillarplasty
    Special Mention: FIPRESCI


  5. Sadder than Playtime on a Rainy Day
    Special Mention: International Jury

    Sadder than Playtime on a Rainy Day

  6. The Lost Head & The Bird
  7. Carlotta’s Face
    Certificate of the Ecumenical Jury - International Children's and Youth Film Competition

    Carlotta’s Face

  8. Limerence
    MuVi Award


  9. Copyshop
    MuVi Online Audience Award


  10. Hallstatt erleben
    Promotional Award of the NRW Competition

    Hallstatt erleben

  11. Das letzte Haus
    Prize of the WDR Westart Audience Jury

    Das letzte Haus

  12. Bigger Than Life
    3sat Promotional Award

    Bigger Than Life

  13. Valea Jiului Notes
    Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition

    Valea Jiului Notes

  14. Three Casualties
    Special Mention: German Competition

    Three Casualties

  15. A Film for Ehuana
    2nd Prize of the International Competition - NRW Jury

    A Film for Ehuana

  16. Saladdin Castique
    Special Mention: International Competition - NRW Jury

    Saladdin Castique

  17. Magnificent Obsession
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    Magnificent Obsession

  18. Grandpa Walrus
    Prize of the Youth Jury

    Grandpa Walrus

  19. L I S T E N

    L I S T E N

  20. Fruits of Clouds
    evo Promotional Award of the Children's Jury

    Fruits of Clouds

  21. Lili within the Clouds
    Prize of the Children's Jury

    Lili within the Clouds

  22. Ma Mama (Toto Bona Lokua)
    Special Mention: Children's Jury

    Ma Mama (Toto Bona Lokua)

  23. Damenbartblick
    2nd Place: MuVi Award


  24. Kursmeldungen
    Special Mention: NRW Competition


  25. On the Waitlist
    Special Mention: FIPRESCI

    On the Waitlist

  26. Tsuchi no hito – 2017 gekijyoban
    ZONTA Prize

    Tsuchi no hito – 2017 gekijyoban

  27. Stains and Scratches
    Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen

    Stains and Scratches

  28. A Bar on Majorca
    Prize for the Best Contribution to the NRW Competition

    A Bar on Majorca

  29. Manuscript
    Principal Prize