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Academy Awards

  1. God of Love
    Best Short Film, Live Action

    God of Love

  2. Salt
  3. Outside the Law

    Outside the Law

  4. The Wolfman
    Best Achievement in Makeup

    The Wolfman

  5. Country Strong

    Country Strong

  6. Madagascar, carnet de voyage

    Madagascar, carnet de voyage

  7. The Tempest

    The Tempest

  8. The Confession

    The Confession

  9. The Warriors of Qiugang

    The Warriors of Qiugang

  10. Poster Girl

    Poster Girl

  11. Na Wewe

    Na Wewe

  12. Sun Come Up

    Sun Come Up

  13. Strangers No More
    Best Documentary, Short Subjects

    Strangers No More

  14. Killing in the Name

    Killing in the Name

  15. Dogtooth


  16. I Am Love

    I Am Love

  17. The Gruffalo

    The Gruffalo

  18. The Crush

    The Crush

  19. Wish 143

    Wish 143

  20. Let's Pollute

    Let's Pollute

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