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Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

  1. ON_LINE


  2. The Cockettes

    The Cockettes

  3. The Laramie Project
  4. All About My Father

    All About My Father

  5. Luster


  6. The Business of Fancydancing

    The Business of Fancydancing

  7. Roberta Loved

    Roberta Loved

  8. The Trip

    The Trip

  9. Family Fundamentals

    Family Fundamentals

  10. Down and Out with the Dolls

    Down and Out with the Dolls

  11. Sugar Sweet

  12. Showboy


  13. P.S. Your Cat Is Dead!

    P.S. Your Cat Is Dead!

  14. Guardian of the Frontier

    Guardian of the Frontier

  15. Tom


  16. AKA
  17. Mulholland Drive
    Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

    Mulholland Drive

  18. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  19. His Secret Life

    His Secret Life

  20. Lan Yu

    Lan Yu

  21. Hush!


  22. The Mexican
    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

    The Mexican

  23. Karmen Geï
  24. Replay


  25. Days
    Outstanding Emerging Talent


  26. Fish and Elephant

    Fish and Elephant

  27. American Mullet

    American Mullet

  28. Possible Loves

    Possible Loves

  29. Lawless Heart

    Lawless Heart

  30. Ordinary Sinner

    Ordinary Sinner

  31. Shanghai Panic

    Shanghai Panic

  32. Exploding Oedipus

    Exploding Oedipus

  33. All the Queen's Men

    All the Queen's Men

  34. Daughters of the Sun
    Outstanding International Narrative Feature

    Daughters of the Sun

  35. Km. 0
  36. Showgirls


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