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Raindance Film Festival

  1. News from Planet Mars

    News from Planet Mars

  2. All These Sleepless Nights

    All These Sleepless Nights

  3. The Violin Player

    The Violin Player

  4. The Future of Work and Death

    The Future of Work and Death

  5. Growing Up Coy
    Best Documentary Feature

    Growing Up Coy

  6. Kamper
    Best Debut Feature


  7. Time Was Endless

    Time Was Endless

  8. Servants' Quarters

    Servants' Quarters

  9. After Adderall

    After Adderall

  10. My Heart Leaps Up

    My Heart Leaps Up

  11. Blues Before Sunrise

    Blues Before Sunrise

  12. Take Me for a Ride

    Take Me for a Ride

  13. Ren


  14. The Habit of Beauty

    The Habit of Beauty

  15. Occupy, Texas

    Occupy, Texas

  16. Selling Isobel
    Indie Award

    Selling Isobel

  17. Zen Dog
    Film of the Festival

    Zen Dog

  18. Dusky Paradise

    Dusky Paradise

  19. Jonathan


  20. Bodkin Ras

    Bodkin Ras

  21. Balcony


  22. Maquinaria Panamericana
    Best Screenplay

    Maquinaria Panamericana

  23. Exit Road

    Exit Road

  24. Cuckold


  25. Moloch


  26. Our Sea

    Our Sea

  27. Harm


  28. Maybelle
    Best Director


  29. Il Sonnambulo

    Il Sonnambulo

  30. Airlock


  31. The Farm

    The Farm

  32. Life Is a Trumpet

    Life Is a Trumpet

  33. I Am the Blues

    I Am the Blues