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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. Present.Perfect.
    Tiger Award


  2. Koko-di Koko-da

    Koko-di Koko-da

  3. Water Navel

    Water Navel

  4. Thirty


  5. 27 Thoughts About My Father

    27 Thoughts About My Father

  6. You Are an Amazement

    You Are an Amazement

  7. Within the Temple Without

    Within the Temple Without

  8. Winter After Winter

    Winter After Winter

  9. Walking in Darkness

    Walking in Darkness

  10. Wages of the Imagination

    Wages of the Imagination

  11. Vulnerable Histories (A Road Movie)

    Vulnerable Histories (A Road Movie)

  12. Vinyljunkies


  13. Gold Is All There Is

    Gold Is All There Is

  14. Ultramarine


  15. The Tree

    The Tree

  16. this country is lonely

    this country is lonely

  17. That Cloud Never Left

    That Cloud Never Left

  18. Rotterdam Atlantis

    Rotterdam Atlantis

  19. Suspended Island

    Suspended Island

  20. Lakeside Suite

    Lakeside Suite

  21. Study for a Battle

    Study for a Battle

  22. The Stroker

    The Stroker

  23. Sisyphus


  24. Silence of the Sirens

    Silence of the Sirens

  25. Sea of Lost Time

    Sea of Lost Time

  26. The Sasha

    The Sasha

  27. Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train - The People's View

    Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train - The People's View

  28. Snor


  29. Terril


  30. Realms


  31. Psychic


  32. The Protagonists

    The Protagonists

  33. Mute Fire

    Mute Fire

  34. Eroded Pyramid

    Eroded Pyramid

  35. Perfect Cut

    Perfect Cut

  36. Pattaki


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