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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. The Meaning of Life

    The Meaning of Life

  2. L'argent


  3. The Outsiders

    The Outsiders

  4. Daniel


  5. Gestos e Fragmentos

    Gestos e Fragmentos

  6. Went With the Wind

    Went With the Wind

  7. Violeta


  8. The Next Victim

    The Next Victim

  9. People of Moon, People of Blood

    People of Moon, People of Blood

  10. The Compass Rose

    The Compass Rose

  11. In and Out

  12. Another Time, Another Place

    Another Time, Another Place

  13. Keep Waiting for Me

    Keep Waiting for Me

  14. O mágico e o delegado

    O mágico e o delegado

  15. New Wave

    New Wave

  16. The Man in the Silk Hat

    The Man in the Silk Hat

  17. Burning Patience

    Burning Patience

  18. Koyaanisqatsi
    Audience Award


  19. The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Crystal

  20. The State of Things

    The State of Things

  21. Ana


  22. The Horse

    The Horse

  23. Council of Love
    Critics Award

    Council of Love

  24. Pure Blood

    Pure Blood

  25. Angel


  26. Another Way
    Audience Award

    Another Way

  27. They Killed Venancio Flores

    They Killed Venancio Flores

  28. The City of Neon

    The City of Neon

  29. Soliloque 2 / La barbarie

    Soliloque 2 / La barbarie

  30. The Orozco Family

    The Orozco Family

  31. Miss Universe in Peru

    Miss Universe in Peru

  32. Demons in the Garden

    Demons in the Garden

  33. The Five-Legged Rabbit

    The Five-Legged Rabbit

  34. I Want to Live

    I Want to Live

  35. No Trace of Sin

    No Trace of Sin

  36. Domino


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