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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. Lost in Translation
  2. American Splendor

    American Splendor

  3. Capturing the Friedmans
    Best Documentary (Critics Award)

    Capturing the Friedmans

  4. The Barbarian Invasions

    The Barbarian Invasions

  5. Fast Film

    Fast Film

  6. Time of the Wolf

    Time of the Wolf

  7. Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

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  8. Come and Go
  9. Kitchen Stories

    Kitchen Stories

  10. Tiresia


  11. Son frère

    Son frère

  12. Young Adam

    Young Adam

  13. Vodka Lemon

    Vodka Lemon

  14. Travellers and Magicians

    Travellers and Magicians

  15. The Storytellers

    The Storytellers

  16. Distant Lights

    Distant Lights

  17. The Soul of a Man
    Best Foreign Documentary (Audience Award)

    The Soul of a Man

  18. Angst


  19. 33


  20. Struggle


  21. Passing By
    Best Brazilian Feature Film (Audience Award)

    Passing By

  22. Devotion


  23. The Olive Harvest

    The Olive Harvest

  24. The Barbecue People

    The Barbecue People

  25. Cuban Blood

    Cuban Blood

  26. The Passion of María Elena

    The Passion of María Elena

  27. James' Journey to Jerusalem

    James' Journey to Jerusalem

  28. Distant


  29. Whale Rider
    Best Feature Film (International Jury Award)

    Whale Rider

  30. Rabbit-Proof Fence
    Best Foreign Feature Film (Audience Award)

    Rabbit-Proof Fence

  31. The Crime of Padre Amaro

    The Crime of Padre Amaro

  32. Edi


  33. The Twilight

    The Twilight

  34. La chatte andalouse

    La chatte andalouse

  35. Don't Tempt Me

    Don't Tempt Me

  36. First Name: Carmen

    First Name: Carmen