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Sarajevo Film Festival

  1. Dogtooth
  2. Antichrist


  3. Fish Tank

    Fish Tank

  4. The Maid

    The Maid

  5. Gigante


  6. The History of Aviation
    Special Mention: Best Short Film

    The History of Aviation

  7. Eastern Plays

    Eastern Plays

  8. Cooking History

    Cooking History

  9. Ordinary People

    Ordinary People

  10. The Party
    Heart of Sarajevo

    The Party

  11. Donkey


  12. Ciao mama
    Special Mention: Short Film Competition

    Ciao mama

  13. The Wrestler

    The Wrestler

  14. Goodbye Solo

    Goodbye Solo

  15. On the Way to School

    On the Way to School

  16. Parque Vía

    Parque Vía

  17. Dropping Furniture

    Dropping Furniture