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Sarajevo Film Festival

  1. Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present
    Best Feature Film (Audience Award)

    Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present

  2. Present Tense

    Present Tense

  3. Beyond the Hill
  4. Everybody in Our Family
    Best Film (Heart of Sarajevo)

    Everybody in Our Family

  5. The Wild Ones

    The Wild Ones

  6. Sofia's Last Ambulance

    Sofia's Last Ambulance

  7. Children of Sarajevo

    Children of Sarajevo

  8. Turn Off the Lights
    Best Documentary (Heart of Sarajevo)

    Turn Off the Lights

  9. Voice of My Father

    Voice of My Father

  10. Trains of Thoughts

    Trains of Thoughts

  11. Crossing Boundaries

    Crossing Boundaries

  12. Football Rebels

    Football Rebels

  13. Daddy Rulz
    Special Mention

    Daddy Rulz

  14. Redemption Street
    Best Actor (Heart of Sarajevo)

    Redemption Street

  15. Horizon


  16. The Return
  17. The Intouchables
    Best Feature Film (Audience Award)

    The Intouchables

  18. Whores' Glory

    Whores' Glory

  19. Conference (Notes on Film 05)

    Conference (Notes on Film 05)

  20. Balkan Knights

    Balkan Knights

  21. Mama Illegal

    Mama Illegal

  22. The Last Friday

    The Last Friday