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Shanghai International Film Festival

  1. The World of Us

    The World of Us

  2. Salt and Fire

    Salt and Fire

  3. Land of the Little People

    Land of the Little People

  4. See You in Texas
    Jury Grand Prix

    See You in Texas

  5. Mr. Church

    Mr. Church

  6. Pink and Gray

    Pink and Gray

  7. When Two Worlds Collide
    Best Documentary

    When Two Worlds Collide

  8. When Larry Met Mary

    When Larry Met Mary

  9. Flowers of Evil
    Best Director

    Flowers of Evil

  10. Nirvana
    Best Actor


  11. Rock Dog

    Rock Dog

  12. Hear the Silence

    Hear the Silence

  13. Soul on a String
    Best Cinematography

    Soul on a String

  14. The Girl Who Saved My Life

    The Girl Who Saved My Life

  15. Sound and Fury

    Sound and Fury

  16. Lost Daughter
    Best Director

    Lost Daughter

  17. We Are X

    We Are X

  18. The Projects
    Best Actress

    The Projects

  19. Ted Sieger's Molly Monster - Der Kinofilm
    Best Animation Film

    Ted Sieger's Molly Monster - Der Kinofilm

  20. Las, 4 Rano

    Las, 4 Rano

  21. Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs
    Best Screenplay

    Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs

  22. In Embryo

    In Embryo

  23. Pleasure / Love
    Best Actress

    Pleasure / Love

  24. One Night Only

    One Night Only

  25. Cock and Bull
    Best Actor

    Cock and Bull

  26. Mr. Gaga

    Mr. Gaga

  27. Thithi
  28. The Island Funeral
    Best Cinematography

    The Island Funeral

  29. Haze
    Outstanding Artistic Achievement


  30. De Lan
    Best Film

    De Lan

  31. Battledream Chronicle

    Battledream Chronicle

  32. Soyuq: Coldness

    Soyuq: Coldness

  33. What's in the Darkness

    What's in the Darkness

  34. Hana's Miso Soup

    Hana's Miso Soup

  35. Detective Chinatown

  36. The Red Spider

    The Red Spider

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