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Slamdance Film Festival

  1. Beats


  2. Cat Sticks
    Honorable Mention: Narrative Feature Grand Jury Award

    Cat Sticks

  3. The Vast of Night
    Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature

    The Vast of Night

  4. Betty Feeds The Animals

    Betty Feeds The Animals

  5. Demolition Girl
    Honorable Mention: Slamdance Acting Award

    Demolition Girl

  6. Lost Holiday

    Lost Holiday

  7. Stone Starved

    Stone Starved

  8. Dominant Species

    Dominant Species

  9. Ykcowrebbaj


  10. Slip Road

    Slip Road

  11. Eyes at the Specter Glass

    Eyes at the Specter Glass

  12. Autumn Waltz

    Autumn Waltz

  13. Wayward Emulsions
    Experimental Shorts Grand Jury Prize

    Wayward Emulsions

  14. A Great Lamp

    A Great Lamp

  15. Behind the Bullet

    Behind the Bullet

  16. Memphis '69

    Memphis '69

  17. Kifaru
  18. 023_GRETA_S


  19. Sparky


  20. East of the River
  21. Spiral Farm

    Spiral Farm

  22. Markie in Milwaukee
    Honorable Mention: Documentary Feature Grand Jury Prize

    Markie in Milwaukee

  23. Shalva (Tranquility)
    Animated Shorts Grand Jury Prize

    Shalva (Tranquility)

  24. Saw/Ate Sad Bird

    Saw/Ate Sad Bird

  25. Acadiana


  26. Seadrift


  27. Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story
    Audience Award for Beyond Feature

    Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story

  28. Dons of Disco

    Dons of Disco

  29. Crystal Swan

    Crystal Swan

  30. Bloeistraat 11
  31. Charmer


  32. Remission


  33. Hurry Slowly

    Hurry Slowly

  34. This Teacher

    This Teacher

  35. History of Love

    History of Love

  36. Tungrus
    Documentary Short Grand Jury Prize