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Taipei Film Festival

  1. Burning


  2. Shoplifters


  3. A Paris Education

    A Paris Education

  4. Hard Paint

    Hard Paint

  5. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

    The Miseducation of Cameron Post

  6. Sorry Angel

    Sorry Angel

  7. American Animals

    American Animals

  8. Xiao Mei
    Best Cinematography

    Xiao Mei

  9. Skate Kitchen

    Skate Kitchen

  10. Us and Them

    Us and Them

  11. Asako I & II

    Asako I & II

  12. The Real Estate

    The Real Estate

  13. The Heart

    The Heart

  14. The Widowed Witch

    The Widowed Witch

  15. Time Share

    Time Share

  16. We the Animals

    We the Animals

  17. Distinction


  18. The Riverside Apartment

    The Riverside Apartment

  19. Grass Jelly

    Grass Jelly

  20. The Night of Salvation

    The Night of Salvation

  21. Tail End of the Year

    Tail End of the Year

  22. Bite


  23. A Taxi Driver

    A Taxi Driver

  24. Frame of Love

    Frame of Love

  25. Flow


  26. Body Talk

    Body Talk

  27. Quan Ma He

    Quan Ma He

  28. Our Moon

    Our Moon

  29. The Shepherds

    The Shepherds

  30. Blooming Summer & Autumn Harvest

    Blooming Summer & Autumn Harvest

  31. 2923


  32. Self-Censorship


  33. Our Youth In Taiwan
    Best Documentary

    Our Youth In Taiwan

  34. The Edge of Night

    The Edge of Night

  35. Hebron Don't Die Please!

    Hebron Don't Die Please!

  36. Ten Years Taiwan

    Ten Years Taiwan

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