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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

  1. Storm Hits Jacket
    Special Mention: Animated Dreams

    Storm Hits Jacket

  2. Boyhood


  3. Whiplash


  4. Birdman


  5. Mommy
    Best North American Independent Film


  6. Winter Sleep

    Winter Sleep

  7. Force Majeure

    Force Majeure

  8. Goodbye to Language

    Goodbye to Language

  9. It Follows

    It Follows

  10. 20,000 Days on Earth

    20,000 Days on Earth

  11. The Tribe

    The Tribe

  12. The Theory of Everything
    Best Actor (Jury Prize)

    The Theory of Everything

  13. Phoenix


  14. Calvary


  15. I Origins

    I Origins

  16. Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy

  17. I Won't Come Back

    I Won't Come Back

  18. Obvious Child

    Obvious Child

  19. Love Is Strange

    Love Is Strange

  20. Tu dors Nicole

    Tu dors Nicole

  21. Still the Water

    Still the Water

  22. In the Crosswind

    In the Crosswind

  23. Iris


  24. Magical Girl

    Magical Girl

  25. God Help the Girl

    God Help the Girl

  26. Lucifer
    Grand Prize


  27. Spring


  28. Angels of Revolution
    Special Mention

    Angels of Revolution

  29. The Smell of Us

    The Smell of Us

  30. To Kill a Man

    To Kill a Man

  31. The Quiet Roar
    Best Cinematographer (Tridens Award)

    The Quiet Roar

  32. The Postman’s White Nights

    The Postman’s White Nights

  33. Bird People

    Bird People

  34. Elephant Song

    Elephant Song

  35. Me and My Moulton

    Me and My Moulton

  36. The Wanted 18

    The Wanted 18

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