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Thessaloniki Film Festival

  1. Russian Ark

    Russian Ark

  2. Lilya 4-ever

    Lilya 4-ever

  3. Dolls


  4. Far from Heaven

    Far from Heaven

  5. Blissfully Yours
    Golden Alexander

    Blissfully Yours

  6. Oasis


  7. Ken Park

    Ken Park

  8. Japan
    Best Director


  9. A New Life

    A New Life

  10. Unknown Pleasures

    Unknown Pleasures

  11. Divine Intervention

    Divine Intervention

  12. In Order Not to Be Here

    In Order Not to Be Here

  13. Bungalow
    Silver Alexander


  14. The Uncertainty Principle

    The Uncertainty Principle

  15. Roger Dodger

    Roger Dodger

  16. The King
  17. Grill Point

    Grill Point

  18. Close So Close
    Best Editing

    Close So Close

  19. Woman of Water
    Golden Alexander

    Woman of Water

  20. Occident
    International Competition (Audience Award)


  21. El bonaerense

    El bonaerense

  22. The Loser Takes All

    The Loser Takes All

  23. Rana's Wedding

    Rana's Wedding

  24. Pleasant Days

    Pleasant Days

  25. Mischka


  26. Flying With One Wing

    Flying With One Wing

  27. Life Kills Me

    Life Kills Me

  28. Ljubljana


  29. Blind Spot

    Blind Spot

  30. Hard Goodbyes: My Father

    Hard Goodbyes: My Father

  31. I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old
    FIPRESCI Prize

    I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old

  32. The Kite

    The Kite

  33. Under Another Sky

    Under Another Sky

  34. Some Secrets
  35. Let's Not Cry
  36. Spirited Away

    Spirited Away

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