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Tokyo International Film Festival

  1. Dead or Alive
    Special Mention: Asian Film Award

    Dead or Alive

  2. Criminal Lovers

    Criminal Lovers

  3. Moon Father
    Best Artistic Contribution Award

    Moon Father

  4. Twin Falls Idaho

    Twin Falls Idaho

  5. Nightfall


  6. Onegin
    Best Director Award


  7. Darkness and Light

    Darkness and Light

  8. Alone
  9. Son of Maryam

    Son of Maryam

  10. Nang nak

    Nang nak

  11. At Midnight and a Half

    At Midnight and a Half

  12. Split Wide Open

    Split Wide Open

  13. Mama


  14. The Frame

    The Frame

  15. Rainbow Trout
    Special Jury Prize

    Rainbow Trout

  16. Earth and Water

    Earth and Water

  17. That's the Way I Like It

    That's the Way I Like It