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Tokyo International Film Festival

  1. Be with Me
    Special Mention: Asian Film Award

    Be with Me

  2. Conversations with Other Women

    Conversations with Other Women

  3. Who's Camus Anyway?
    Japanese Eyes Best Film

    Who's Camus Anyway?

  4. Sangre


  5. The Whispering of the Gods

    The Whispering of the Gods

  6. A Letter of Fire

    A Letter of Fire

  7. You and Me
    Best Actress Award

    You and Me

  8. Everlasting Regret

    Everlasting Regret

  9. Bye Bye Blackbird

    Bye Bye Blackbird

  10. Tre giorni di anarchia

    Tre giorni di anarchia

  11. Dallas Among Us

    Dallas Among Us

  12. What the Snow Brings

    What the Snow Brings

  13. Rules of Dating

    Rules of Dating

  14. Citizen Dog

    Citizen Dog

  15. Silentium


  16. Chinese Eye
    Asian Film Award

    Chinese Eye

  17. Promedio Rojo

    Promedio Rojo