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Torino Film Festival

  1. Nothing or Everything

    Nothing or Everything

  2. Waterloo


  3. See Know Evil

    See Know Evil

  4. Bad Poems
    Special Mention: Jury Award

    Bad Poems

  5. Homo Botanicus
    Best Documentary (Internazionale.doc)

    Homo Botanicus

  6. Per tutta la vita

    Per tutta la vita

  7. First Night Nerves

    First Night Nerves

  8. Between Two Waters

    Between Two Waters

  9. Walled Unwalled

    Walled Unwalled

  10. Silent Streams

    Silent Streams

  11. His Master's Voice

    His Master's Voice

  12. Tought Time
    Torino Factory

    Tought Time

  13. No Shores

    No Shores

  14. Incorrectional


  15. Dream of a City

    Dream of a City

  16. Blue Amber

    Blue Amber

  17. Supermarket


  18. Last Hunt
    Best Short Film

    Last Hunt

  19. The Whale Who Wasn't

    The Whale Who Wasn't

  20. 13 Attempts to Shoot My Father
    Special Jury Prize

    13 Attempts to Shoot My Father

  21. Drive-In


  22. Et in Terra Pacis

    Et in Terra Pacis

  23. Horror Vacui

    Horror Vacui

  24. Dove Bisogna Stare

    Dove Bisogna Stare

  25. Life = Cinematic Imperfections

    Life = Cinematic Imperfections

  26. Sirenomelia


  27. In This World
    Best Documentary (Italiana.doc)

    In This World

  28. Porta Capuana

    Porta Capuana

  29. Macedonian Cowboy

    Macedonian Cowboy

  30. Il Gigante Pidocchio
    Special Mention: Special Jury Prize (Italiana.doc)

    Il Gigante Pidocchio

  31. Bormida


  32. Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith

  33. Figuras


  34. Catharsys or The Afina Tales of the Lost World

    Catharsys or The Afina Tales of the Lost World

  35. L'ultima notte

    L'ultima notte

  36. New Age

    New Age