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Valladolid International Film Festival

  1. The White Balloon
  2. Living in Oblivion
    Best New Director

    Living in Oblivion

  3. Antonia's Line
  4. Beyond the Clouds
  5. Butterfly Kiss
  6. Nico Icon
    Best Documentary

    Nico Icon

  7. Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud
  8. The Neon Bible
  9. Midaq Alley
  10. Surprise!
    Short Film (Golden Spike)


  11. Manneken pis
    Best Actress

    Manneken pis

  12. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  13. Denise Calls Up
  14. Rude
  15. Under the Domim Tree
  16. Someone Else's America
  17. Hola, ¿estás sola?
    Best New Director

    Hola, ¿estás sola?

  18. The Ride
  19. Thalassa, Thalassa! Return to the Sea