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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. Hunger


  2. Happy-Go-Lucky


  3. Revanche


  4. A Christmas Tale

    A Christmas Tale

  5. Summer Hours

    Summer Hours

  6. Our Beloved Month of August

    Our Beloved Month of August

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    One of one hundred
  7. I've Loved You So Long

    I've Loved You So Long

  8. Liverpool


  9. Of Time and the City

    Of Time and the City

  10. Achilles and the Tortoise

    Achilles and the Tortoise

  11. Modern Life

    Modern Life

  12. Four Nights with Anna

    Four Nights with Anna

  13. Service


  14. Adoration


  15. Momma's Man

    Momma's Man

  16. Helen


  17. Plastic City

    Plastic City

  18. Throw down your heart
  19. Just Anybody

    Just Anybody

  20. Years When I Was a Child Outside

    Years When I Was a Child Outside

  21. The Lost Coast

    The Lost Coast

  22. Fifty Dead Men Walking
    Best Western Canadian Feature Film

    Fifty Dead Men Walking

  23. Jalainur


  24. The Thank You Girls

    The Thank You Girls

  25. Tropical Manila

    Tropical Manila

  26. Control Alt Delete
    Inspiration Award

    Control Alt Delete

  27. La battue

    La battue

  28. American Venus

    American Venus

  29. Dernier Maquis

    Dernier Maquis

  30. Who Do You Love?

    Who Do You Love?

  31. Sweet Food City

    Sweet Food City

  32. Perfect Life
  33. Knitting


  34. Lucky 7

    Lucky 7

  35. Possibility of an Island

    Possibility of an Island

  36. mime-mime


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