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Venice Film Festival

  1. Grand Hotel

    Grand Hotel

  2. Broken Lullaby

    Broken Lullaby

  3. The Blue Light

    The Blue Light

  4. Forbidden


  5. What Scoundrels Men Are!

    What Scoundrels Men Are!

  6. The Crowd Roars

    The Crowd Roars

  7. In the Name of the Law

    In the Name of the Law

  8. Strange Interlude

    Strange Interlude

  9. Frankenstein


  10. À nous la liberté
    Audience Referendum (Most Amusing Film)

    À nous la liberté

  11. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  12. Mädchen in Uniform
    Best Technical Perfection (Audience Referendum)

    Mädchen in Uniform

  13. The Champ

    The Champ

  14. David Golder

    David Golder

  15. Road to Life
    Audience Referendum (Most Convincing Director)

    Road to Life

  16. Congress Dances

    Congress Dances

  17. The Yellow Ticket

    The Yellow Ticket

  18. The Sin of Madelon Claudet
  19. Earth


  20. Through Mountains and Valleys

    Through Mountains and Valleys

  21. And Quiet Flows the Don

    And Quiet Flows the Don

  22. Rain