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Venice Film Festival

  1. It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night

  2. Twentieth Century

    Twentieth Century

  3. Man of Aran
    Best Foreign Film (Mussolini Cup)

    Man of Aran

  4. La signora di tutti
    Corporations Ministry Cup

    La signora di tutti

  5. Maskerade


  6. Death Takes a Holiday
    Special Recommendation

    Death Takes a Holiday

  7. The Full Deck

    The Full Deck

  8. Funny Little Bunnies
    Best Animation (Golden Medal)

    Funny Little Bunnies

  9. Wonder Bar

    Wonder Bar

  10. Jolly Fellows

    Jolly Fellows

  11. Viva Villa!
  12. Amok


  13. S.S. Tenacity

    S.S. Tenacity

  14. The Private Life of Don Juan
    Best World Premiere

    The Private Life of Don Juan

  15. The Wedding of Palo

    The Wedding of Palo

  16. Dood water
    Best Cinematography

    Dood water

  17. The World Moves On
    Special Recommendation

    The World Moves On

  18. The Invisible Man
    Special Recommendation

    The Invisible Man

  19. Queen Christina

    Queen Christina

  20. Three Little Pigs

    Three Little Pigs

  21. Ecstasy
    Best Director


  22. Little Women
    Best Actress (Golden Medal)

    Little Women

  23. New Earth

    New Earth

  24. The River

    The River

  25. The Earth Sings

    The Earth Sings

  26. By Candlelight

    By Candlelight

  27. Going Hollywood

    Going Hollywood