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Venice Film Festival

  1. Berlin Alexanderplatz
    OCIC Special Award

    Berlin Alexanderplatz

  2. Mon oncle d'Amérique
    AGIS Award

    Mon oncle d'Amérique

  3. Gloria


  4. Atlantic City
    Golden Lion

    Atlantic City

  5. The Age of the Earth

    The Age of the Earth

  6. Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great

  7. Melvin and Howard

    Melvin and Howard

  8. The Lifeguard
    Special Jury Citation

    The Lifeguard

  9. The Mystery of Oberwald
    AGIS Award

    The Mystery of Oberwald

  10. Turn Around Eugenio
    UNICEF Award

    Turn Around Eugenio

  11. Opera Prima

    Opera Prima

  12. The Contract

    The Contract

  13. The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid

  14. Vacation in Val Trebbia

    Vacation in Val Trebbia

  15. Oxalá


  16. Special Jury Citation

    L'altra donna

  17. Richard's Things

    Richard's Things

  18. Special Jury Citation


  19. Vengeance Is Mine

    Vengeance Is Mine

  20. Going in Style

    Going in Style

  21. A Priceless Day
    Best First Work

    A Priceless Day

  22. Lena Rais
    Special Jury Citation

    Lena Rais

  23. Aulad el rih - Les enfants du vent
    Best Film (Pasinetti Award)

    Aulad el rih - Les enfants du vent