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Venice Film Festival

  1. Letter to Brezhnev
    Honorable Mention: OCIC Award

    Letter to Brezhnev

  2. Vagabond
  3. Police
    Best Actor


  4. The Runner
  5. The Satin Slipper
    Sergio Trasatti Award

    The Satin Slipper

  6. Prizzi's Honor
    Best Film (Golden Ciak)

    Prizzi's Honor

  7. Tangos, the Exile of Gardel
  8. Glissando
  9. Cocoon
    Young Venice Award


  10. Silverado
    Special Mention: Young Venice Award


  11. The Feather Fairy
    Special Mention: Sergio Trasatti Award

    The Feather Fairy

  12. The Lightship
  13. Stone Years
  14. Yesterday
    FIPRESCI Prize


  15. Dust
  16. No Man's Land
  17. Forty-four, or Bedtime Stories
    Venezia Genti - Best Feature Film

    Forty-four, or Bedtime Stories

  18. Mamma Ebe
    Best Actress (Pasinetti Award)

    Mamma Ebe

  19. Life Is Beautiful
    Special Mention

    Life Is Beautiful

  20. Parade of the Planets
  21. Countdown to Looking Glass
  22. The Tango of Our Childhood