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Venice Film Festival

  1. The Last Temptation of Christ
  2. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  3. Landscape in the Mist
  4. Let's Get Lost
    Cinecritica Award

    Let's Get Lost

  5. High Hopes
    FIPRESCI Prize

    High Hopes

  6. Story of Women
  7. The Legend of the Holy Drinker
  8. Little Vera
  9. The Moderns
  10. Iguana
    Special Mention: Filmcritica Bastone Bianco Award


  11. Komitas
  12. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
    Best Score (Golden Osella)

    A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

  13. Once More
  14. Ghosts... of the Civil Dead
    Prize of the Students of the University 'La Sapienza'

    Ghosts... of the Civil Dead

  15. Things Change
  16. Hard Times
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Hard Times

  17. Those Whom Death Refused
  18. A Little Monastery in Tuscany
  19. Burning Secret
  20. The Tribulations Of Balthazar Kober
  21. Dominick and Eugene
    Special Mention: Children and Cinema Award

    Dominick and Eugene

  22. Black Monk
    Best Cinematography

    Black Monk

  23. Private Access
  24. Madame Sousatzka
    Best Actress (Volpi Cup)

    Madame Sousatzka

  25. Eldorádó
  26. Young Toscanini
  27. Haunted Summer
  28. Camp de Thiaroye