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Venice Film Festival

  1. Black Swan
    Marcello Mastroianni Award

    Black Swan

  2. Incendies


  3. Somewhere
    Golden Lion


  4. Meek's Cutoff
    SIGNIS Award

    Meek's Cutoff

  5. How to Train Your Dragon
    Most Creative 3D Film Stereoscopic Film of the Year

    How to Train Your Dragon

  6. 13 Assassins
    Special Mention: Future Film Festival Digital Award

    13 Assassins

  7. Machete


  8. Attenberg
  9. I'm Still Here
    Biografilm Award (Documentary)

    I'm Still Here

  10. The Town

    The Town

  11. Cold Fish

    Cold Fish

  12. Essential Killing

    Essential Killing

  13. Norwegian Wood

    Norwegian Wood

  14. The Solitude of Prime Numbers
    Best Actress (Pasinetti Award)

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers

  15. Post Mortem

    Post Mortem

  16. Oki's Movie

    Oki's Movie

  17. The Last Circus

    The Last Circus

  18. Majority
    Luigi De Laurentiis Award


  19. Road to Nowhere

    Road to Nowhere

  20. The External World

    The External World

  21. Silent Souls
  22. Surviving Life (Theory and Practice)

    Surviving Life (Theory and Practice)

  23. Coming Attractions
    Best Short Film (Venice Horizons Award)

    Coming Attractions

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  24. The Forgotten Space
    Special Mention: Horizons Award

    The Forgotten Space

  25. Potiche


  26. Barney's Version
    Little Golden Lion

    Barney's Version

  27. Angèle & Tony

    Angèle & Tony

  28. Black Venus
    Equal Opportunity Award

    Black Venus

  29. Guest


  30. The Sleeping Beauty
    C.I.C.A.E. Award

    The Sleeping Beauty

  31. A Letter to Elia

    A Letter to Elia

  32. 3


  33. The Ditch

    The Ditch

  34. Robinson in Ruins

    Robinson in Ruins

  35. The Nine Muses

    The Nine Muses

  36. The Life of Fish

    The Life of Fish

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