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Warsaw International Film Festival

  1. Two Films About Loneliness

    Two Films About Loneliness

  2. The Tribe

    The Tribe

  3. In the Crosswind
    Ecumenical Jury Award

    In the Crosswind

  4. Toto and His Sisters
    Best Documentary

    Toto and His Sisters

  5. The Lesson
    Competition 1-2 Award

    The Lesson

  6. Cold in July

    Cold in July

  7. Let's Sin

    Let's Sin

  8. Before I Disappear
    Special Mention: Free Spirit Award

    Before I Disappear

  9. Kowalski


  10. A Separate Wind

    A Separate Wind

  11. Felix and Meira

    Felix and Meira

  12. The Culture High

    The Culture High

  13. Deep in the Heart (The Coffin in the Mountain)

    Deep in the Heart (The Coffin in the Mountain)

  14. Star


  15. Vincent


  16. Name Me

    Name Me

  17. Car Park

    Car Park

  18. Labour of Love

    Labour of Love

  19. Modris


  20. The Owners
    Free Spirit Award

    The Owners

  21. How to Stop a Wedding
    1-2 competition

    How to Stop a Wedding

  22. The Judgement

    The Judgement

  23. Agnieszka


  24. Carmina y amén.
    Special Jury Award

    Carmina y amén.

  25. The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime

    The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime

  26. Tatuapé Mahal Tower

    Tatuapé Mahal Tower

  27. What a Wonderful World
    FIPRESCI Prize

    What a Wonderful World

  28. Gottland


  29. The Guide

    The Guide

  30. Halfway


  31. Unlucky Plaza

    Unlucky Plaza

  32. These Are The Rules
    Best Director

    These Are The Rules

  33. Justice


  34. I, Kamikaze

    I, Kamikaze

  35. Off the Highway

    Off the Highway

  36. Joanna
    Short Film (Audience Award)


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