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Women Film Critics Circle Awards

  1. Inception
    Hall of Shame


  2. The King's Speech

    The King's Speech

  3. Another Year
  4. Winter's Bone
  5. The Ghost Writer
    Hall of Shame

    The Ghost Writer

  6. The Kids Are All Right

    The Kids Are All Right

  7. Temple Grandin
    Best Theatrically Unreleased Movie by or About Women

    Temple Grandin

  8. Jackass 3
    Worst Male Images in a Movie

    Jackass 3

  9. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
    Hall of Shame

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

  10. A Film Unfinished
    Best Documentary by or About Women

    A Film Unfinished

  11. Fair Game
  12. Conviction
    Best Female Images in a Movie


  13. You Again
    Hall of Shame

    You Again

  14. The Tempest
    Courage in Acting Award

    The Tempest

  15. For Colored Girls
    Josephine Baker Award

    For Colored Girls

  16. Mother
    Best Foreign Film by or About Women


  17. I Am Love
    Hall of Shame

    I Am Love

  18. Women Without Men
    Best Foreign Film by or About Women

    Women Without Men

  19. Mother and Child
  20. Princess Ka'iulani
    Invisible Woman Award

    Princess Ka'iulani

  21. Jolene
    Hall of Shame