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Zurich Film Festival

  1. Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine

  2. Marwencol


  3. Armadillo
    Best International Documentary Film


  4. A Useful Life

    A Useful Life

  5. Lily Sometimes

    Lily Sometimes

  6. R


  7. Third Star

    Third Star

  8. The Tillman Story

    The Tillman Story

  9. Adrienn Pál
    Critics' Choice Award

    Adrienn Pál

  10. Belle épine

    Belle épine

  11. The Day I Was Not Born
    Best German Language Feature Film

    The Day I Was Not Born

  12. Oxygen
    New Talent Award


  13. Pelican Blood

    Pelican Blood

  14. Monogamy


  15. Snowman's Land

    Snowman's Land

  16. Bold Heroes
    Audience Award

    Bold Heroes

  17. The Woman with a Broken Nose
    Best International Feature Film

    The Woman with a Broken Nose

  18. Hauling


  19. 180°


  20. Der letzte schöne Herbsttag

    Der letzte schöne Herbsttag

  21. Bon appétit

    Bon appétit

  22. In Another Lifetime

    In Another Lifetime

  23. Last Train Home
    Special Mention: International Documentary Film

    Last Train Home

  24. One Day Less

    One Day Less

  25. The Edge of Dreaming

    The Edge of Dreaming