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Zurich Film Festival

  1. Blue Valentine
  2. Marwencol
  3. Armadillo
    Best International Documentary Film


  4. A Useful Life
  5. Lily Sometimes
  6. R
  7. The Tillman Story
  8. Third Star
  9. Adrienn Pál
    Critics' Choice Award

    Adrienn Pál

  10. Belle épine
  11. The Day I Was Not Born
    Best German Language Feature Film

    The Day I Was Not Born

  12. Oxygen
    New Talent Award


  13. Monogamy
  14. Pelican Blood
  15. The Woman with a Broken Nose
    Best International Feature Film

    The Woman with a Broken Nose

  16. Bold Heroes
    Audience Award

    Bold Heroes

  17. Snowman's Land
  18. 180°
  19. Hauling
  20. Bon appétit
  21. Der letzte schöne Herbsttag
  22. In Another Lifetime
  23. Last Train Home
    Special Mention: International Documentary Film

    Last Train Home

  24. The Edge of Dreaming
  25. One Day Less