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Photo of Agustina Muñoz
Photo of Agustina Muñoz

Agustina Muñoz

“You can't live off independent theater in Buenos Aires.”

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    Matías Piñeiro Argentina, 2016

    Matías Piñeiro’s glorious Hermia & Helena intersects Shakespeare’s writing with the excitement of modern life. His first film in the U.S., this charming comedy captures the youthful zeal of New York, and plays creatively with form and time to craft an imaginative delight.

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    Matías Piñeiro Argentina, 2012

    Over the course of his enchanting filmography, Argentinian auteur Matías Piñeiro has been re-imagining Shakespeare’s masterpieces on his delightfully intimate, lively canvas. With Viola, he spins Twelfth Night into a rich yarn of life-imitating-art… or might it be the other away around?


    Matías Piñeiro Argentina, 2014

    Matías Piñeiro offers another ingenious and spry blend of pure cinema and the pleasures of Shakespeare. A whirlwind of young women swirl around and intersect with the life of a radio director in Buenos Aires through a multiplicity of relationships, love, & play. This film is a rare, gentle delight.


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