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Photo of Alice Diop
Photo of Alice Diop

Alice Diop

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    Alice Diop France, 2016

    Brutal yet empathetic, Alice Diop’s César-winning documentary short lays bare how macho ideals have corroded the minds and souls of young men. Born out of prejudiced disenfranchisement, the cage of toxic masculinity seems inescapable, yet moments of tenderness gesture towards a hopeful future.

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    Alice Diop France, 2016

    Meticulously knitting together the daily vignettes at a medical office frequented by marginalized refugees, Alice Diop’s documentary articulates a collective need for a culturally hospitable climate. Requiring more than a prescription, the journey to healing is not only physical but also political.


    Alice Diop France, 2021

    The personal and the collective lyrically entwine in Alice Diop’s Berlinale prizewinner, lending an ear to the underrepresented voices of Paris’s maligned outskirts. A lattice of experiences where filming is akin to remembering, these everyday vignettes evoke the rich cultural tapestry of the city.

    RER B

    Alice Diop France, 2017

    A work of transcendent transformation, Alice Diop’s bewitching short captures how the rugged lines of Drancy station are now immortalized in watercolor strokes under the gaze of French artist Benoît Peyrucq. A befitting tribute to a location loaded with historical and contemporary poignancy.


    Alice Diop France, 2011

    From racist casting to financial blues, Alice Diop’s first documentary feature observes the obstacles that stand between a young Black actor and stardom. Critical of the ignorant French theater world, the film emphasizes the complex interiority of Black performers who are confined by stereotypes.