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Photo of Andrea Arnold
Photo of Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold

“Dramatically, I like darkness, I like conflict - but I don't see the world as defined by them. And why would I pretend to? That's not who I am.”

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    Andrea Arnold United Kingdom, 2003

    Reminiscent of the social realism found in her latest triumph Cow, Andrea Arnold’s bracing, Oscar®-winning short was shot on location in her hometown of Dartford. Packing a hefty emotional punch, the film confronts the brutality of working-class motherhood with astonishing frankness and empathy.

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    Andrea Arnold United Kingdom, 2009

    Fish Tank kickstarted Michael Fassbender’s acting career, but it was newcomer Katie Jarvis who stole the show with her raw and volatile portrayal of a teenager’s search for transcendence amid poverty. This beautiful, explosive portrait of innocence lost won Andrea Arnold the Cannes Jury Prize.


    Andrea Arnold United Kingdom, 1998

    A ferocious study of maternal grief, Andrea Arnold’s directorial debut typifies the director’s fascination with transgressive women who defy the codes of social mores. Featuring a powerhouse performance from Lynda Steadman, this provocative short sharpens its emotional edge with a raw visual style.


    Andrea Arnold United Kingdom, 2001

    In Andrea Arnold’s provocative short, the innocence of teenage girlhood is shockingly extinguished by male cruelty and financial hardship. Shot on location in a rundown council estate, the film is a blistering prelude to the emotional volatility that would emerge in her full-length features.


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