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Photo of Camilo Restrepo
Photo of Camilo Restrepo

Camilo Restrepo

“I began to sense where my own voice lay, how loud and silent it was, and how it belonged to me but also to those who interpreted it in my films. I understood how this voice was passionate, musical, able to link reason and irrationality, and to wake the dead if necessary. A voice that allows me to speak languages I do not know, like Susu. A voice that is mine only for the short time of the film, before falling back into the banality of day-to-day life.”

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    Camilo Restrepo Colombia, 2020

    After several astonishing shorts, Camilo Restrepo’s feature debut confirms him as a visionary filmmaker. This nocturnal punk western is a hallucinatory descent into the catacombs of Colombia’s relationship with violence: Los Conductos doesn’t hide its anger, but rather turns it into visceral cinema.

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