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Photo of Chung Chung-hoon
Photo of Chung Chung-hoon

Chung Chung-hoon

“I very much prefer to deal with things that many pay little attention to; the drama of a film and the characters. I worked as a child actor in my youth so I feel that gives me an insight into how everything works from a character point of view. It’s the same when it comes to location; for example in ‘Stoker’ a main location is the house and I focused on how the characters inhabit it.”

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    PARK CHAN-WOOK South Korea, 2005

    South Korea’s Park Chan-wook ended his “Vengeance Trilogy” in style (and to great blockbuster success) with this characteristically twisted, baroque thriller, whose Lee Young-ae will forever haunt our dreams. A beautiful trip to the dark side, and the end of the series’ rocky road towards salvation.

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