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Photo of David Zellner
Photo of David Zellner

David Zellner

“We want to push the envelope as much as we can while still having compassion.”

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    Andrew Bujalski United States, 2009

    Newly restored, this heartfelt gem is “mumblecore” filmmaker Andrew Bujalski’s follow-up to the cult favorite Funny Ha Ha. With characters who are at their most honest when struggling to find the right words, it’s a funny and observant slice-of-life story shot in beautifully colorful 16mm.

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    John Maringouin United States, 2018

    A Herzogian work of gonzo filmmaking, John Maringouin’s debut fiction feature dives into the absurd world of modern Chinese commerce. Mostly shot in public spaces with handheld cameras, Ghostbox Cowboy is a surreal dark comedy fueled by an untamed performance from indie director David Zellner.


    David Zellner United States, 2012

    From Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter to Damsel, the Zellner brothers have been delivering some of the most inspired American indies in recent years. Kid-Thing is a deadpan delight which casts light on the darker corners of childhood that most coming-of-age tales shy away from.


    Cam Archer United States, 2010

    Renowned actress Colleen West abandons her successful career for a secluded life in the hills, only to dive headlong into her own loneliness and regrets.


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