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Photo of Deragh Campbell
Photo of Deragh Campbell

Deragh Campbell

“In a lot of ways I look at acting as another way of interacting with material and collaborating or supporting interesting material. ”

Available to Watch

    ANNE AT 13,000 FT

    KAZIK RADWANSKI Canada, 2019

    Trapped in dizzying close-ups, Deragh Campbell’s transfixing (and mostly improvised!) performance as a volatile antihero grounds this complex character study. With an empathetic perspective on mental health, Anne at 13,000 Ft confirms Kazik Radwanski as one of Canada’s most singular new auteurs.

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    NATHAN SILVER United States, 2015

    Filmed on a bygone video camera, Stinking Heaven immerses you in the darkest crevices of the 1990s: a rehab commune housing a coven of colorful yet caustic personalities. A lucid vision of Sartre’s assertion that “hell is other people,” written with an utmost sincere sense of anarchy. Oddly sublime.


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