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Photo of Devid Striesow
Photo of Devid Striesow

Devid Striesow

“Ich liebe ambivalente Rollen, weil sie eine große Projektionsfläche bieten und der Zuschauer solche Figuren vielschichtiger wahrnehmen kann. Als Schauspieler kann man dabei seine Phantasie ausufern lassen. Das ist das A und O in diesem Beruf.”

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    Christian Petzold Germany, 2007

    Sex, capitalism, German reunification, loneliness—this extraordinary thriller is haunted by all manner of thematic spectres. A dazzling reimagining of the subversive genre classic Carnival of Souls, Yella is one of Christian Petzold’s very best, with a monumental Nina Hoss front and center.

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    Ulrich Köhler Germany, 2002

    A young man goes AWOL in Bungalow, a film uniquely attuned to a slow-burning despair barely contained by its outwardly ordinary appearance. The hugely impressive first feature from Köhler—indicative of the low-key yet deeply existential filmmaking would become characteristic of the Berlin School.


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