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Photo of Dina Pathak
Photo of Dina Pathak

Dina Pathak

“[The theater] is a sacred place for me and all other creative minds. It is a strong medium to bring into focus the realities of life, a fact often ignored in films and television.”

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    Shyam Benegal India, 1977

    Featuring Smita Patil’s moving portrayal of an unconventional and fascinating actor, Bhumika is masterful work by Shyam Benegal. Based on the life of 40s Marathi stage actor Hansa Wadkar, this film is a fine study of feminism, male gaze and the price one has to pay for personal freedom.

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    Basu Bhattacharya India, 1974

    Rajesh Khanna sheds his onscreen superstar persona and gives a heartfelt performance in this moving account of a marriage shuttling between harmony and disillusion. Basu Bhattacharya’s Aavishkar is a thoughtful film gently shedding light on human frailties that complicate the landscape of love.


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